Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Words to Remember

After Isaac's party on Saturday, Meme and Papa (my parents) volunteered to stay with the kids while Scott and I went to a movie. Yea!!

Most of the movies out right now are really long, and we didn't want to be out too late, so we ended up seeing New in Town, which is a major chick flick. The movie was pretty good (even if Rotten Tomatoes only has it at 19% right now). I mean, come on. You get to see Harry Connick, Jr. looking all rough and scruffy! I'll pay to see that!

There was one line in the movie that just cracked us both up. Don't worry--this doesn't spoil the movie or anything. But Harry Connick, Jr.'s character is grilling his teenage daughter's date before they go out to a dance. He tells the boy, "Remember: anything you do to her, I'm going to do to you."

Love it. Scott will have to remember that one if we ever have a girl.

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