Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Isaac and Sara's Birthday Party

On Saturday, we celebrated Isaac's first birthday and Sara's eleventh birthday, since they are only a few days apart. Much fun was had by all. :)

We kept things very low-key. It was just family over to our house for brunch (as close as I can get to breakfast at Tiffany's). We had quiche, muffins, lots of fruit, fruit dip, bagels and cream cheese, OJ, and coffee. I even found some organic sparkling apple cider (I got a whole bottle at Kroger for 50 cents!) to serve in lieu of champagne. ;) Everyone pitched in and helped.

I remember for Caleb's first birthday, I made Veggie Tales cakes (one Bob cake and one Larry cake). But I knew that my picky Caleb wouldn't touch cake anyway, so I didn't bother with making him a special "baby cake." Well, Isaac will eat just about anything (especially if it's on the floor, but that's another story), so I decided to make him a special egg-free cake that he could enjoy by himself. Well, it was a flop! I made it late Friday night, and I cut into it Saturday morning and saw that it didn't even get cooked all the way through AND it will still hard as a rock! If anyone has a good "baby's first birthday cake" recipe, do share! The one I found for this Apple Spice cake was a definite no go! The bite I tried was so gross--I could still taste it an hour later. The whole thing landed in the trash can. Oh, well. Isaac didn't care. I ended up letting him try some ice cream. :)

Mom and Dad got some cute pics. Here is Isaac opening a gift from Rodney, Susan, Sara, and Matthew.

Here is Caleb making a really goofy face!

This is Sara blowing out her 11 candles.

And since I've been getting a lot of flack from some of you (ahem! Robin!) about not having any pics of me on my site, here is one of me and Isaac.


Robin said...

So glad you put a picture up. I literally picture you from when we were younger when I think about you. You look great. Love the hair color or is that your natural color? I thought you were blonde!?

Tiffany Taylor said...

LOL--that's my natural hair color. I am technically still a "dirty" blonde, I think, but it does look really dark in that picture. Compared to my boys, I look like a brunette!