Friday, February 6, 2009

Isaac = Wheezer

Isaac had an appointment on Wednesday morning for his 12-month well-visit to the pediatrician. Why is it that my kids are never actually well for their well-visits?

On Tuesday night, Isaac started coughing...a lot. He was up most of the night just hacking away, and would only sleep in little bursts while propped up (read: being held by Scott or me). Needless to say, the three of us didn't get much rest.

When we got to the doctor on Wednesday, our pedi heard him wheezing when she used the stethoscope. So, she gave us instructions to get back on breathing treatments 3-4 times a day (because, after all, we've been missing them so much, having been off of them for a whole week or so). And since he's sick, he didn't get his recommended vaccines. I honestly think that Isaac has just outsmarted the whole system and times his illnesses so he won't have to get shots.

Wednesday night was awful again. He slept solidly for about 2 hours, then he was up coughing the rest of the night. On Thursday, you could hear his wheezing without a stethoscope.

But by last night, he just seemed like a new kid again. He slept very well--I think he only woke up twice, which is good for him, and he didn't have any coughing fits. Yea! He has so much more energy today. Energy for finding a box of Kleenex and flinging them all over the floor, energy for banging toys loudly against the wall and waking his brother from his nap....

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