Thursday, February 19, 2009


After a really rough night, Caleb mostly lounged around all day. I made him a little "bed" in the living room, and he camped out in front of the TV. I kept trying to get him to eat something (hence the piece of bread in front of him), but he wouldn't touch food.

He ended up falling asleep on the floor there and stayed asleep for over two hours. He sure needed the rest.

He finally ate 1 Ritz cracker and 2 Wheat Thins for dinner. Just enough food for us to be able to give him his first dose of antibiotic. The doctor also called in a prescription for an anti-nausea medicine, and we gave that to him before bed. I'm hoping that will help him sleep through the night.


Mandy and Jack said...

Gosh that really stinks that your kids keep getting so sick!!!

Robin said...

Poor thing. The throw ups are the worst. Such a miserable feeling. Hope the night went well.