Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crazy Tuesday

Tuesday was crazy. Just how crazy? It's taken me until Wednesday night to recover enough to post about it.

Not really.

But Tuesday was definitely a crazy day. Here's how it started:

7:35--Caleb wakes up. I go in his room to get him, and he tells me, "I have pee-pee on my 'jamas, Mommy. There's pee-pee on my bed, too." Okay, okay. I get him out of bed and plop him in the tub for a quick bath. I try to keep Isaac from climbing into the tub with his brother. (He can actually get one leg over the tub!)

7:45--I realize that Caleb has one pair of jeans clean, and 2 pairs of sweatpants (which are usually for around the house only). I am really behind on laundry! I put one pair of sweatpants in his school bag for "just in case", and I put the jeans on him. Umm...I try to put the jeans on him. I guess Caleb has grown in the last few weeks since I bought these jeans, because now they look skin tight on him. I loosen the adjustable waistband, and Caleb says they feel fine.

8:00--Breakfast for the boys. Maybe we'll actually be on time to preschool today (9:00)!

8:10--Boys run around and play while I finish my breakfast. I keep looking at Caleb wondering if I have anything other than sweatpants or tight jeans to put on him!

8:25--I am finishing up packing Caleb's lunch when I hear, "Mommy? I pee-peed in my pants." I look over at Caleb, expecting to see just a wet circle on his pants. Um, no. This is a gusher. There is pee all over the floor (thank goodness he was on the tile and not the carpet!), and he's standing awkwardly over it, not knowing what to do. I strip off the tight jeans and plop Caleb back in the tub.

8:45--Caleb's second bath of the day is over (he normally doesn't get any baths in the morning--he's a night bather), but he is refusing to admit it. The water is drained, but he just sits in the empty tub, playing with measuring cups. I try to explain that we are going to be late, but he doesn't seem to care or understand. I leave him there for the moment.

8:50--Caleb finally agrees to get out of the tub. I tell him to sit on the potty and see if he can get any pee in the toilet before we go. I go to our bedroom to get Isaac dressed.

8:55--"Mommy, I'm done!!!" Isaac is sitting on the floor happily playing with a toy, so I run to Caleb's bathroom to get him. I start to put his underwear on when I hear Isaac start whining, "Mamaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Maaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!" He toddles into the bathroom, and I see that the entire front of his shirt and shorts are wet. I know immediately what happened--he knocked over the cup of water I'd left on my nightstand.

9:00--I pull off Isaac's wet clothes, put new clothes on Caleb (the other pair of dreaded sweatpants!), put new clothes on Isaac, and pray that we can actually get out of the house sometime soon.

9:10--I am putting on my clothes when Caleb decides to slam the door to our bedroom. This sets off our house alarm, which is sensitive to loud noises. I run to turn the alarm off and comfort scared kids. Caleb says, "I'm so very sorry, Mommy. I'm so so sorry."

9:20--Kids are dressed, consoled, and piled into the Mom-mobile.

9:35--We arrive at school. Finally. ;)

When I pick Caleb up from school, his teachers tell me that he peed and pooped in the toilet for them. Yea!! That is wonderful news.

Then when we get home, I read his "what I did today" paper and discover that he got a "pretty good" under the "played well with others" category, and he was "restless" during nap time. He's never gotten a "pretty good" before! Where's the "very good"? Hmph. Wonder what happened.


To end the day, I decide Isaac is way overdue for a haircut. I settle him in Scott's lap and pull out the scissors. I am no hairstylist, but I figure I can manage a little boy's trim.

Here's the before:

And the after:

Certainly not perfect, but I think the girls will be lined up after him anyway. :)


Mandy and Jack said...

The haircut is really cute!! But your time line was pretty good birth control. :)

Mom said...

Dad and I laughed and laughed at the story. Honestly, you should write a book (in your "spare time") about being a mom.