Monday, February 9, 2009

Potty Training, Day 32

On day 14 of potty training, Caleb finally decided to use the potty at school (which is at our church). He wouldn't go with his teacher, though. He held it ALL DAY LONG--from 8:50 until 2:00! Then, when I picked him up, I was standing there talking to his teacher about his progress and he peed in his underwear. He just couldn't hold it any longer! It turned out to be a good thing, though. I took him into the bathroom to change him, and he peed in the potty while I was with him. Yea!

The next day, I had a meeting at church, so he was in childcare up there. He did the same thing--he held it for the 2 hours or so that he was there and waited until I picked him up. Then he let me take him to the bathroom and he peed in the potty.

Here we are at day 32, and he's still not using the bathroom with anyone but me. He will go to the bathroom and sit on the potty with his preschool teachers, but he won't actually pee. He waits until I get there.

Yesterday was his first day with NO ACCIDENTS. I was so proud! Even during nap time he was in underwear and didn't make a mess. (Granted, he never actually fell asleep during nap time, but I'm still proud!)

Scott worked in the nursery yesterday morning at church, and the lady he worked with said that her son was potty trained at 16 months. Sigh. Imagining the money we would have saved on diapers if we'd had success that early with Caleb... But every child is different. :) I do think Isaac will potty train earlier because he is using mostly cloth diapers. I hear those kids usually understand better when they are wet, so they will learn to control it faster.

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