Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Wednesday. I have made it to Wednesday. Or, shall I say, the kids have made it to Wednesday. On Monday, their fate did not look too clear. ;)

The problem on Monday was really my fault. I was going to take them to Bounce U, but I just didn't feel up to getting them out the door. So, we stuck around the house most of the day, venturing out only for a trip to Sprouts before dinner. When the boys don't have some structure in their day, they get a little wild. I don't blame them.

Tuesday was a ton of fun. We went over to Meme and Papa's house, which is always a big treat for the kids (and me). For the past week, Caleb had actually been counting down the days until he got to see his grandparents. So we went over there to play, eat, nap, swim, eat, swim, bathe, play, eat, and play. :) It was nice to take a break from our (messy!) house and be around some other adults.

Today we are breaking up the day by meeting my friend Karen and two of her boys for lunch. The kids (minus Isaac) will have fun in the germ-infested play area while Karen and I get to hang out. Then, it will be back home to put the boys down for naps and try to clean up the house a bit. Right now there are clothes piled up on the couch, waiting to be folded, dishes to put away and dishes to clean, beds to make, floors to vacuum and mop, counters to wipe... you know, the usual.

Sometimes I think back to how things were when Scott and I first got married. We lived in a cozy but roomy 2-bedroom/2-bath apartment, about 1200 square feet, which took about 30 minutes to clean top to bottom. We just didn't let it get that dirty, since there were only two of us. But now there are four of us, and two of us create much more mess than we clean up. :)

Well, here's hoping you have a happy Wednesday!


evelyn said...

When Scott reads your blog, he'll know how much he was missed. Tired as he may be, I'll bet Mommie will then have a little time for rest. ~~I'm sure all of you enjoyed the day with Mom & Dad. Things to do & get away! All those 'dirty' things will get cleaned up no matter how much fretting. It's a " 'round to it'" thing, along with don't wanna. Sure is with me!

Robin said...

I agree with you completely. Our day's are so much better when we break it up with getting out. I just absolutely hate getting out with all 3 of them. Girl, my house is messy and I have been doing my best to de-clutter lately. I am planning a garage sale. I get so much more done when Ryan is gone or works late in the evenings. When he's here, I just want to sit and talk his ear off.;-) I know how hard it is to not have that adult talk in the evening. Hope the rest of your week goes good!