Wednesday, July 15, 2009

100 Things That Make Me Happy

I was inspired by Intentionally Katie, who wrote a list of 100 things that make her happy. It appears to be a meme that's been around the blogosphere for awhile. I thought it might be therapeutic to write a list of my own! These are in no particular order.
  1. God--the source of all things good
  2. Scott
  3. My boys
  4. Getting great grocery deals
  5. Writing lists
  6. Crossing things off of to-do lists
  7. Clean cotton sheets and blankets
  8. Hot showers
  9. Teaching kids about Jesus
  10. A clean and organized house
  11. The smell of pencils
  12. October
  13. Rain--the sound, feel, and smell of it
  14. Coffee--I drink it all day long
  15. Time alone (what's that? ;) )
  16. Sprouts
  17. Dark chocolate (or nuts and fruits covered in dark chocolate!)
  18. Being outside on summer nights
  19. Hoodie zip-up sweatshirts
  20. Board games
  21. Dates with my husband
  22. The feel of Isaac's soft, dimpled cheek
  23. The Word of God
  24. Cloth diapering
  25. Bubble baths
  26. Swimming
  27. Reading
  28. The 10 people who read my blog
  29. Making plans, setting goals, and having vision
  30. My church
  31. Food, in general
  32. Baking
  33. Using natural, non-toxic, non-disposable stuff
  34. Traveling
  35. Packages
  36. New York City
  37. London
  38. Paris
  39. My family
  40. Christmas
  41. Enjoying meals with family or friends
  42. The Food Network
  43. Caleb singing songs about God
  44. Serving the Lord
  45. Getting dressed up and going out somewhere fancy
  46. My KitchenAid mixer
  47. The ocean
  48. Dancing
  49. A really good song that makes me want to dance, cry, laugh, or praise God
  50. Cool breezes on a hot summer day
  51. Orange Cup
  52. Jane Austen
  53. Seeing school supplies at the store
  54. My Simple shoes
  55. Getting things organized
  56. Writing
  57. Nap time--when both of the boys actually fall asleep
  58. Snow--how silently it falls from the sky, and how loudly it crunches under my feet
  59. Trivia
  60. Learning new things (and remembering them later!)
  61. Hotels
  62. A job well done
  63. My husband's hugs
  64. My father's smile
  65. My mother's laugh
  66. Seeing old couples still together
  67. Road trips
  68. Libraries (particularly the New York Public Library)
  69. Heroes
  70. Kings--the TV show, although I also love reading about British history
  71. Sitting in a bookstore, drinking coffee, and reading a book that I don't have to pay for
  72. Campfires
  73. Awana
  74. Long-sleeve t-shirts
  75. Watching my kids sleep--particularly when they smile or laugh while sleeping
  76. Fireplaces
  77. Babies
  78. Burt's Bees cologne
  79. Old-school jazz
  80. Sunrises and sunsets
  81. Comments on my blog posts
  82. Sleep
  83. Used bookstores--I like to think about who owned those books
  84. To let go and let myself truly act childish with the kids
  85. Finding clothes that fit perfectly and look great
  86. Breakfast and brunch foods
  87. Fluffy white towels
  88. Gentlemen--men who treat women like ladies
  89. Making someone smile
  90. Being "green"
  91. Activities that keep my kids busy for more than 10 minutes at a time
  92. Bakeries
  93. Winning something or getting something for free
  94. Red wine
  95. Watching the choreography on old movies
  96. Being a mom
  97. Hiking
  98. People who use correct grammar
  99. Hearing my husband's voice on the phone
  100. Packing for a trip

It took me a few days to compile this list. For inspiration, I asked Caleb what made him happy. He said, "Play doh and crayons." I asked him what he thought made me happy, and he said, "Folding laundry." Ha!


some chick said...

Fold-ING laundry doesn't make me happy, but fold-ED laundry does!

Mandy and Jack said...

I'm number 28! And I guess now I'm #81 too!

Ps - At first I wrote that I was number 23 by mistake. I'm NOT number 23.

Lee Ann said...

"People who use correct grammar" makes me think of Kristen. It makes sense you guys are friends.

When I used to have a blog, I would always think, ooh, Kristen is hating the grammar in this post. If I still had a blog, I guess you would also become part of that voice in my head :).

Robin said...

I like it...funny we have many things in common. Good to read! Maybe if I get time I'll post my own. :o)

lucylucia said...

What a fun post Tiffany! If I had a Kitchen Aid mixer I would love it too. For now, it's my blender. :)