Saturday, July 11, 2009

Random Thoughts

I am going to be a single mom next week. Scott is going for his third year to be a counselor at a kids' camp through our church. He'll have a group of 9 boys who just finished the 3rd grade. I'll be praying for him! I know that at least one of those boys is not a Christian, so I'll be praying especially that he makes that important decision next week.


Do you ever enter blog giveaways? There are a ton of them! I usually check out the ones at Natural Mommie, Sage and Savvy, and sometimes Ecobunga or Prizey. I have entered a whole bunch over the past several months, but I had never won one until this week! I entered a giveaway at Intentionally Katie, and I won a YoBaby prize pack. Cool, huh? Free stuff is always good. :) And if you've never been to Intentionally Katie's site, it is worth checking out. It's one of my new favorite blogs.


Sigh. At a certain time of the day, I grow weary of cleaning up. I get tired of wiping the counters, sweeping the floors, folding laundry....and yet the kids keep wanting snacks that mess up the counters, or spilling food on the floor, or dirtying more clothes. It really is a never-ending job.

Today I feel tired. Just worn out, in general. I know that's normal after caring for a 3-year-old and a 1-year-old, but I am just craving some time away.

I am very excited that Scott and I are planning our first-ever "just the two of us" vacation since our kids were born. We're going to go in October to coincide with our anniversary and his birthday. Right now we're leaning toward going to Seattle. I don't know exactly why, but Seattle seems like a place I could happily live. Maybe because it's pretty granola, and it rains a lot there (to me there is not much better than a cool, rainy day).

Have any of you ever been to Seattle? Any tips for traveling there?

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Mandy and Jack said...

I LOVE Seattle!! I've been there a few times, and I'm dying to go back with Jack!!

Definitely have a fancy dinner in the space needle's revolving restaurant. It's pricey, but the view is so worth it.