Monday, May 25, 2009

Caleb's First Baseball Game

Scott took Caleb to his first baseball game yesterday!

We had purchased tickets for Scott and Caleb to go to see our local Frisco RoughRiders play...who were they playing? Hmmm. Doesn't matter. Anyway, they went to watch the Riders. Scott was really worried that it would turn out similar to their awful trip to the movies, but Caleb was well-behaved and had a great time. Yea!

I made sure Scott took plenty of pictures for me. Here is Caleb holding his program outside of the ballpark. The Riders have a wonderful stadium.

At Kroger, you can get a $7 ticket for the grass seats which includes a free hat and a hot dog. Here's Caleb in his free hat. I'll let you guess whether Caleb actually ate his hot dog. :)

A view of the park from the grass seats:

The boys stayed at the park for a couple of hours, then Caleb got kind of restless. There is a playground at the ballpark (how cool is that!), but it was PACKED. There was a line to go up the slide! That's what they get for going on Memorial Day weekend, though.

So Scott and Caleb left, and Scott decided to take Caleb out for ice cream. I love that they got to go out and have a great daddy-son day.

And while they were gone, I was anticipating some quiet time of my own while Isaac took a nap. Isaac had other plans. His molars are coming in, and he had a particularly rough time yesterday. He ended up just screaming for about half an hour. So, it certainly wasn't quiet around here!

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