Friday, May 29, 2009

Last Day of Preschool

Caleb had his (sniff! sniff!) last day of school yesterday. We parents were invited to come up to join them in an end-of-year party.

Here is Caleb with his good friend and partner in crime, Wyatt. Don't they just look like they are ready to make some trouble?

The kids ate pizza for lunch. Even Caleb ate some! I am just thrilled that he is trying different foods these days. He can finally eat the same thing everyone else is eating! Even if he eats it upside down.

After lunch, the kids went out to the church's fenced-in courtyard for splashing fun. The teachers put out a few buckets of water, sponges, bubbles, squirt bottles, and other fun stuff. I put Caleb's ear plugs in and sent him out to play with the others.

At first, he was not so sure about the whole water thing. He didn't like it at all when his shorts got wet. He wanted to change! I think Caleb, in general, is just a rule follower. He's my little Pharisee. He doesn't like it when rules aren't obeyed (even if he himself doesn't obey). Often I see him trying to "help" his friends obey the rules. If his teacher tells everyone to line up, for example, Caleb doesn't line up. He starts trying to usher everyone else into a line. He only gets in line once he sees that all the others are properly lined up. Maybe he'll be a teacher. Or a dictator. ;)

So since he's been told all year to stay out of the water and don't get your clothes dirty, he had a hard time adjusting at first. But soon, he was in there getting wet with the rest of them.

He even found a ladybug and let it sit on his hand! That's another big deal for my big boy. He is usually more the "admire from afar" kind of kid when it comes to bugs. (This is in direct contrast to Isaac, who just today tried to squish a poor rolly-polly with his fingers!)

Here is a picture of Caleb with his fabulous teachers and another friend from class.

He really had a great year. It's hard to believe that just a few months ago I was a nervous wreck dropping him off at his first day of preschool, wondering if I'd done the right thing in enrolling him. For him (and me), it was a good choice.

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lucylucia said...


What a cutie pie! My nephew is starting Kindergarten in the fall, none of us know where the time went!