Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bunnies; Isaac at 15 Months; Surgery Update

You can tell it's spring time in Frisco when you see the bunnies in your yard. We've had a great time with the bunnies that come to visit us! I know they are pests to those with gardens and flowers, but we actually welcome them since they help (ahem!) eat our weeds. ;)

The boys and I will put out carrots and lettuce for the bunnies, too (organic, of course!). Caleb in particular loves to see the bunnies eating "our" food. (Now if only Caleb would eat carrots and lettuce...)

The first thing Isaac does in the morning is run to our back window to see if the
re are bunnies outside. He'll yell, "Bunny!" and turn to me and grin.

They are the closest thing we'll get to pets around here!


Isaac had his 15-month well-visit appointment the other day. As usual, he was not really all well for his visit, but he wasn't too bad. He's been wheezing again, which his doc and I attribute to the rain and humidity. I think mold and mildew may be a trigger for him. His pediatrician listened to his lungs and said that he sounds like a squeaky toy. He'll stay on breathing treatments for the time being (pulmicort 1-2 times per day, albuterol as needed).

As I am prone to do, I took pictures of us with my camera to entertain him while we were waiting for the doctor to come in. (Yes, those are his Bobux shoes next to him.)

Isaac weighed in at 25 pounds, 10 ounces and measured at 32" long. Pretty average--about 50th to 75th percentile. Which is kind of funny, since Caleb is always at the top of the charts or off the charts. He's just a really tall kid for his age. (The pedi estimated that Caleb will be 6'2" when he reaches his full height--did you know they can project that when a kid is 2 year old?)

The pedi was very impressed when I told her that Isaac knows how to say at least 50 words. He even puts words together, which evidently kids don't normally do until about age 2. He says phrases like "Here you go" and "I did it." Sometimes he'll even say things like "Bye-bye, Daddy." I think he's a genius. ;) But I did have some thunder taken from me when Scott said that a 12 month old in the church nursery can say all her ABC's and count from 1 to 15. What?!? (See, parents, this is why you never compare children. :) )


In other news, I've decided to move Caleb's surgery up to this Thursday, May 14. I'm trying to gently prepare him, but it's hard to prepare a 3-year-old. He actually got to visit a friend of his, Jackson, when he went to the hospital a few weeks ago. Caleb got to see Jackson having a good time at the hospital, so he isn't scared of it now. So far I've just told him that he's going to go to the hospital to see the doctor, that he'll take a nap there, and while he's sleeping the doctor will fix his ears. I've explained that he won't feel anything. Caleb is taking it all in stride.

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Anonymous said...

All my kiddos will most likely be under 5'8. LOL. My side of the family is tall but Lupe's is short. Looks like they got his genes ;) I sometimes feel like a giant when we visit his family.

We invite rabbits to our house too. In fact I just threw some lettuce out there yesterday. (not organic though)