Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day at the Movies

When Caleb started potty training, he was a little reluctant. To offer him an incentive, we told him that when he was potty trained, he would get to go see a movie in a big theater. Well, today was the day!

He's actually been potty trained pretty well for a couple of months, but there just weren't any appropriate movies out there to take him to. But AMC solved our problem--they had a Disney Matinee for preschoolers today (runs through Thursday, I think, if you are interested!) and showed the movie Cars. How perfect! That is Caleb's favorite movie.

Scott was so excited when he heard about the matinee. He made plans to take off work and make a day of it. The movie started at 10 at our local mall, and after the movie Scott planned to take him to lunch, have a ride on the carousel, and play with the trains at Barnes and Noble (one of his favorite free activities). Unfortunately, that didn't work out so well.

From what I hear, things started out well. Caleb did fine before and during the movie. He had brought his favorite stuffed animal, Pooh, and hugged him tight while he watched Cars.

After the movie, he kept chewing on Pooh. Here's the order of events, as I gathered them from Scott.

Scott: "Don't chew on Pooh, Caleb."
Caleb chews on Pooh.
Scott: "If you chew on Pooh again, Caleb, I will take him away from you."
Caleb chews on Pooh.
Scott takes Pooh away.
Caleb runs off across the food court in the mall, screaming bloody murder.
Scott runs after Caleb and catches up to him. He explains to a sobbing Caleb that it is not okay to run off in a mall, and tells him how dangerous that is. He tells Caleb he will get a spanking.
Caleb slaps Scott across the face!
Scott scoops Caleb up and takes him out to the car. Plans for the fun daddy-son lunch and carousel ride are abandoned. Scott takes Caleb home, spanks him, and sends him to his room to cool off.

Poor Scott. I feel so bad that he took off work for that. It could have been such a fun day.


Mandy and Jack said...

Awww poor Scott. Kids are just like that sometimes, I guess.

Angela said...

Oh, I feel terrible for Scott, that must have been so hard for him. He's such a great dad, and when Caleb grows up he'll realize how lucky he is. Give them both big hugs for me.

Dana said...

Wow! I'm so glad my kids don't act like that...ha ha ha! I bet the next attempt to go out is much more fun. Kids have great memories.
You have a great blog! I had no idea. Dana