Tuesday, March 24, 2009

'ove 'ou!

Tonight before Scott put Isaac to bed, he brought him into Caleb's room where I was getting Caleb ready for bed.

Scott: Tell Mommy "night-night!"
Isaac: Bye!
Scott: No, say "night-night!"
Isaac (smiling and waving): Bye-bye!
Scott (sighing): Oh, well.
Me: I love you, Isaac!
Isaac: 'Ove 'Ou!
Scott and I exchange glances, dumbfounded. Did he really just say that? We try to get him to say it again, but Isaac is just grinning goofily and being silent. Scott heads on into Isaac's room to put him to bed. A few minutes later....

Scott: He said it again!!


I listed most of the words Isaac can say in a post about a month ago. Here are some more words he's picked up and uses regularly:
  • Down (when he wants us to put him down, or when he's climbing on something and knows he needs to get down!)
  • Done (accompanied by the sign for "finished"--also says "all done")
  • Dog (enunciated very well, with the "g" on the end and everything!)
  • Bama (for banana--his favorite food)
  • O's (for Oatios or whatever O-shaped cereal we have)
  • Puh (still emerging--but he uses this sound consistently to ask for his organic puff snacks)
  • 'elcome (when he gives us some minutiae off the floor and we say "thank you" he replies with this)
  • 'ilk (for milk)
  • Eat (he's done this one for awhile, but I forgot to list it last month)
  • There (when he gives you something)
  • Put-tuh (potty; he'll escort you to the restroom if you tell him you need to go!)
That brings his word count up to over 20. He is almost 14 months old.

It's just striking to me how different Caleb and Isaac are. Caleb could say about 10 words at 18 months, I believe. (But he's turned into quite a talker now, trust me!)

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Robin said...

So sweet! My Haylee is so different and more advanced then Tyler was at her age.