Saturday, March 28, 2009

Crazy Parents

Last year, our city had a huge Easter egg hunt. It was the biggest hunt in North Texas, actually. We were so excited to take Caleb, who was two and half, and join in the festivities. We got Caleb and Isaac (just a few months old at the time) loaded into the car and headed toward the site. We were about a mile away when we got stopped in traffic. Uh oh. We ended up parking several hundred yards away from the hunt and hiking over to the fields. We were almost there when we heard the horn go off to announce the beginning of the egg hunt. Aaaah!! By the time we hustled to the field, there were no eggs left. Caleb didn't care very much, since he didn't really get what was going on anyway, but Scott and I vowed then and there that next year, we'd be on time!

Well, we kept that determination. This morning was the city's Easter egg hunt. It was now being touted as the largest in all of Texas! We were going to be there--on time--this year. Now, the weather here in Texas has been a little...unpredictable (which is actually predictable). A few days ago is was high 70's, but by this morning it was 37 degrees. But hey, the city hadn't postponed the egg hunt, so we still planned on being there.

We got there early this year, just like we'd planned. But that meant that we stood outside for 30 minutes in the cold. And it wasn't just was windy. Very windy. I took Isaac to the 2 and under field, and Scott took Caleb to the 3-and4-year-old field.

Here's Caleb before the hunt:

Poor little Isaac. He was so cold. I had him wrapped up in his jacket, inside my jacket, and under a blanket, but he was still miserable. I kept telling him that we were having fun. :) I was looking around at all the other parents who were trying to keep their kids warm, and I know we were all thinking the same thing--"What are we doing here? We are all crazy!"

One thing that keeps Isaac occupied is to take pictures of him and show them to him on the digital camera. So we did a lot of that.

Finally, after waiting for 30 minutes for the hunt to start, the announcement came and we were off. On the 2 and under field, they didn't have eggs--just boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios, animal crackers, and Goldfish (none of which I allow Isaac to have, but that's beside the point!).

The wind was actually so strong that Isaac had a hard time walking, and he fell down a lot.

He started getting into it, though, and was sad when I scooped him up after about 3 minutes and led him off the field. It was just too cold to stick around. We found Caleb and Scott, who had also called it quits, and headed to the car. At that point, Isaac just lost it. He was miserable. Here are the thawing children in their car seats:

Isaac fell asleep about 5 minutes later.

Here's hoping for better weather next year!

There was a bunch of junkie stuff (mostly tatoos!) in the eggs that Caleb got, so we took all of that out. But the kids had a wonderful time at home hiding the eggs in the house. We must have hidden those eggs about 20 times! Isaac would walk around and call out, "Ball!" with his palms up, searching for the eggs. So cute.


Mandy and Jack said...

The pictures of you and Issac are too cute!! Nice to see a picture of YOU on the blog, for a change!!

evelyn said...

Loved this! Now you know what to do next year for fun: stay at home! The pictures were great. <>I'm glad you are enjoying experimenting with cooking.

Love you,