Monday, March 30, 2009

FICO Deal Ending Tuesday

Knowing your FICO score is important if you are looking to get a new home, apartment, job, car, etc. We are looking to refinance in the near future, so we wanted to check our scores.

I had never heard of a sale on FICO scores before, but sure enough, there's one going on now! The problem is that it ends on March 31. So if you don't know your FICO score and think you might need it, I suggest you take advantage of the deal now!

Just go to and you'll see instructions at the top of the screen on how to get 30% off any product there. This is the official site for FICO scores, so don't worry about scams.

You can get free credit reports each year from the three major credit bureaus by going to Everyone should take advantage of this yearly so you can make sure there are no mistakes on your credit. Please note that this site does not give you free FICO scores--just the credit reports.

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