Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 2008

We started out the day at our house. It was the first time EVER that I haven't woken up at my parents' house on Christmas morning. But we all ended up enjoying our first round of Christmas at home. It's kind of fun to create new family traditions.

We got to Mom and Dad's around 12:30 and had a wonderful lunch there with everyone--even Mimme Scott and Grandmama. After lunch, we opened more presents. I have rarely seen a room so chaotic as that one as we all opened presents!

Caleb really "got it" this year, so it was by far the best Christmas since we've had kids. He can tell you that Christmas is all about "baby Jesus" and that we celebrate His birthday on Christmas. But he also knows that Santa comes and brings presents to good boys!

We bought Caleb several food-related presents this year, in the hopes of inspiring him to eat better. Scott cleaned out the old play kitchen that has been in our garage for a year or more. It used to be Sara's when she was little. We got Caleb some new wooden play foods, and Santa brought him wooden pots and pans. He is having a blast playing "little chef." Mostly he makes us grilled cheese sandwiches.

Mom and Dad bought Caleb an easel and accessories to go along with it. It's so cool. I think he'll enjoy that for many years to come. The most thoughtful gift we received this year, though, was the apron/smock for Caleb to wear while working on his art projects. Mom bought the smock, and then Rich painted Caleb's name and a train on it. It is SO precious. You can see it in the pic here. Thank you, Rich!!


evelyna said...

Wasn't it wonderful that we could all be together! Let's count..14 + Millie. What a room full of excitement. .The apron that Rich designed & created will be a treasure. .. We all had a full week of eating & visiting, all so very special.

Love, Grandmama

Swompy said...

I'm really glad he (and everyone else) enjoyed it. I haven't done a project like that in a long time so I'm glad it came out as well as it did.

You may want to tie a knot in the loop behind his neck so it takes up some slack and rides a little higher. You can untie it later when he grows into it. Just a thought.

some chick said...

The kids got that same easel from joshua's parents, too! Melissa and Doug, right? They love it! I see many rolls of paper in our future!