Monday, December 14, 2009

And now...Preschool Musical!

The last couple of posts here have been pretty depressing, so here is the ultimate pick-me-up: pics and videos of Caleb's preschool Christmas musical! It was so incredibly precious. I cried happy tears through the whole thing!

The kids all had little "costumes"--and Caleb got to be a donkey. Ha! Here he is "sleeping" in the back row next to the angel.

Here is his class lined up for a photo op after the performance. Caleb is in the bottom row, second from the left.

I got 3 short video clips on my camera. Let's see if they work! This one is a segment of their song "Starry Night." I PROMISE these videos will make you smile, especially if you know Caleb!

"And when the angel came to Mary, he said..."

In case you didn't catch that, they were singing, "Fear not! Fear not! Don't be scared!" Caleb is the extremely fidgety one in the back. :)

At the end the kids sang "Go Tell it on the Mountain" in English and Spanish. Here you can see a bit of that. The kids just kind of mumbled through "Ve y grita a las montanas..."

Scott, Isaac and I sat proudly in the audience. Isaac needed a little entertaining while we were waiting for the show to start, and I put my hat on him. Is this not an adorable picture?

I love my boys.


Mandy and Jack said...

Your kids are so cute!! I can't believe how big Issac is, and I see him almost every week. I think it's just about time for me to change some of your header pictures!

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Jennie Morgan said...

Tiffany. I’m from a church here in Oklahoma. I found your post in a google search. We are trying to find an Split-track for the musical “Don’t Be Scared” by Bette Dale Moore. But it is now out of print. The publishing company encouraged us find a church with it, and ask to borrow it. Do you still have contact with the church that performed the preschool play your family did in this 2009 blog post? Can you tell me the churches contact info or website? Thanks for any help!

-Jennie Morgan
Elementary Music Camp Director