Monday, August 24, 2009

Mr. Independent

Isaac loves to feed himself. Can you tell?

He has refused to let Scott or me even touch his spoon for the past few months. And in case you're curious, that's a typical breakfast for him--steel cut oats mixed with applesauce and 2 thawed cubes of frozen pureed spinach. Sounds disgusting, but he loves it and it's full of nutrition!

Of course, after a breakfast like this, he has to be hosed off in the shower. He obviously hates being in the water.

I just figured I hadn't posted the traditional "baby with food all over himself" and "naked baby in the bathtub" pictures in awhile. So, here you go! You're welcome. ;)


Morale said...

He looks just like you!! Well minus the food on the face and stuff, but you know what I mean! All in the eyes and smile. Love em.
Keep up the good work Mom. Seriously spinach for breakfast, WOW!

evelyn said...

What a choice for breakfast! Are you sure he had NO urging from elsewhere to try the spinach with his oatmeal? Great, if that's what he likes. At least, you don't have a 'picky eater' here. ~~ It's good to see you able to be back doing some posting. I know you have been very busy, but I've missed them! ♥

lucylucia said...

Oh he is just a cutie, Tiffany!!
Although I found myself reading your post twice - spinach for breakfast!? I wish my parents had done the same - I'm serious! I'd probably be liking vegetables a bit more than I do now if they had!