Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Seriously, Sigg? Shame on You!

Have you guys seen this?

I have been using a Sigg bottle for over a year. I love the design, the clean taste of the water when it comes out, and the fact that I'm not throwing away toxic one-use plastic bottles anymore. And, of course, I loved that it was BPA-free. Or so I thought.

In case you don't know, BPA is short for Bisphenol-A. It's a chemical mainly found in polycarbonate plastic--the hard, clear kind of plastic with the number 7 on the bottom--and in epoxy resin linings in food cans. Scientists have discovered that BPA can mimic sex hormones like estrogen and cause a whole slew of immune problems and perhaps even cancer. Almost every human tested has some traces of BPA in their systems since it has become so prevalent in the food industry. The chemical can leach out of cans or plastics and into your food or water.

Unfortunately, Caleb had BPA-laden bottles when he was a baby. I am so glad that I primarily breast fed and his exposure was limited, but even his first sippy cups were not BPA-free. Now almost every bottle and sippy out there is labeled "BPA Free." Yea! I still prefer metal bottles to drink out of. Hence the Sigg. Siggs are made of aluminum, though, which has to have a lining inside it. I knew that Sigg bottles had been around for years, and I saw them as a good alternative to plastic. That brings me to today. I just read the ZRecs article on how the Sigg CEO now states that the lining inside the Sigg bottles produced prior to about August 2008 DOES CONTAIN BPA, although he insists that it won't leach into the liquid you put in it. I am outraged! Shame on you, Sigg! Shame, shame, shame!

If you have a Sigg bottle, I highly encourage you to read the
article I mentioned above. You can also read the CEO's answers to ZRec's questions here. It will probably leave you angry and frustrated and ready to file a class action lawsuit against Sigg! I actually emailed Sigg today and told them that I am outraged. I am SO glad I didn't get Sigg bottles for my kids (I chose Klean Kanteen--more on that in a future post). This was their answer:

Hi Tiffany,

All of the information regarding our former liner and new Eco-Care liner, as well as instructions on how to get replacements for your bottles, can now be found at http://mysigg.com/bulletin/exchange_program.html. Thank you.

If you follow that link, you will find that you can return your bottle (YOU pay the shipping!) for a replacement bottle with a new BPA-free liner. Um, thanks but no thanks, Sigg. You've lost my business!


lucylucia said...

It is just so hard to get away from now. I've switched to pyrex storage bowls instead of tupperware, but the lids are still plastic! Grrr. How frustrating to find out that a product you trusted wasn't what they made themselves out to be. I'm convinced BSA is why people are having so many reproductive problems nowadays.

evelyn said...

Had to go look on the great canteen you gave me. It's Klean Kanteen, so I presume that's only children's containers you ae referring to. I LOVE my bottle. I don't know how many times I've told people at school that my granddaughter bought this for me so I wouldn't be re-using plastic bottles of water. (Never bought water!) I do fill this from a large bottle of water at HHS. ~Heating food, I often put a styrofoam plate over it, sometimes over my whole plate with the servings 'arranged'. Can't trust anyone!