Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Snippets and Ceiling Fans

Tonight Scott went out to the back porch to grill. (Yup, that wasn't on my menu plan when I posted it last night because I thought he might get bored with grilled chicken. But it's so yummy--that's what we both wanted again! I know you guys don't care about our menus, but posting them really helps me!) Scott let Caleb go out there and play while he was cooking, but he told Caleb that he needed to stay away from the grill. Caleb came in later saying, "I was good. I stayed away from the gorilla." :)

During dinner, Caleb told us about the boys and girls he played with at church that morning. I was working up there today to prepare for our summer programming, and so Caleb and Isaac had gone to child care for a few hours. Well, Caleb said that one of the boys was being too loud today, and the teacher told him to be quieter so he wouldn't wake a sleeping baby. "His volume button was turned up real loud. Not mine. I turned it down."

Whenever Scott or I are leaving the house (or even just the room sometimes), Isaac will wave and say "Bye bye. I wuv oo (I love you)." Oh, that just melts a mama's heart. We also love the way he says "Otay" whenever we ask him to do something. His vocabulary is pretty massive these days. I have no idea how many words and phrases he's up to now. He will repeat pretty much anything you say, but I don't count that because I'm not certain he understands it until he uses the word without being prompted.


Today I realized that half of our fans were going clockwise and the other half were going counter-clockwise. I had to look it up to see which way they are really supposed to go in the summer. Counter-clockwise it is! I switched all of the ones that weren't going that way--that should help keep the house cooler! Proper use of ceiling fans can save you up to 40% on your cooling costs, which is a big deal here in the south especially. (Man, I don't like the heat of Texas summers! The countdown to fall is here...) One word to the wise, which I didn't learn until a couple of months ago by watching Stuff Happens--ceiling fans don't cool a room, they cool a person by making the sweat evaporate quickly on their skin. The fan can make you feel like it's about 8 degrees cooler in the room, even though it's not. Running the ceiling fan when no one is in the room is just a waste of electricity.


I just put Caleb to bed, and now I am listening to him on the monitor singing "Jesus Loves Me." It's so sweet to hear that simple truth sung (unprompted) by a child!


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lucylucia said...

Oh goodness, Tiffany, you're blog must be moving on up to be a ceiling fan advertising space! :)

Actually, this post helped me out quite a bit a few nights ago. It was particularly hot and I was having a hard time sleeping and was just staring up at my ceiling fan. Then I thought "hey, didn't Tiffany's blog say that the fan had to go COUNTER clockwise?" Sure enough, it was going the wrong way! So, I quickly fixed it and have been enjoying the breeze!