Friday, June 12, 2009

"Gah isso goo!"

First of all, here is my view as I write this:

I keep my laptop on a counter that overlooks the living room. When I'm checking my email in the morning, Isaac loves to climb up on the couch and watch me from there. Today, he brought his police car up on the counter. I don't particularly like him climbing, but to tell him no is like telling a fish not to swim. He just loves to climb, which is all new for me because Caleb never did. Caleb is much more cautious (he's careful, like me); Isaac is the risk-taker (I honestly have no idea where he got that from).


On a typical night, I bathe the boys while Scott cleans the dishes. Then Scott takes Isaac and puts him to bed while I do the same with Caleb. Last night, for some reason I just wanted to switch and so I took Isaac. Isaac's routine is simple, but it takes a long time. We read him Goodnight Moon a couple of times (he adores that book), then rock him until he falls asleep. Last night he was a little antsy, so I started to sing to him. When he was younger, I'd sing "God is so Good" to him a lot. I haven't sung it in a few months, and for some reason it came to me last night. So I rocked him and started singing. After a few minutes, I had just sung "He's so good to..." and Isaac picked his head up off my shoulder, looked me in the eyes, and sang out, "Meeee!" I just laughed at him, he was so cute and earnest. Then he surprised me more. I kept singing, and within a few minutes he was singing most of the song with me. His version is this: "Gah isso goo a me!" I was just humbled and amazed, hearing a toddler version of a simple Biblical truth. When I heard Scott leave Caleb's room, I called to him to come and hear. Beautiful.


Robin said...

Too cute. Love to hear sweet little voices praising God! Tyler is my cautious one and Haylee is definitely my risk taker. She will literally be on top of my kitchen table and about to swing from the chandelier. I have caught her doing this many times and you're right, telling her no does nothing. Amazing how different siblings can be.

evelyn said...

Precious! It is amazing how different your two boys actually are, in just about every way. That's great!

Anonymous said...

How sweet!

Lee Ann said...

Hey girl,
I found your blog through facebook. I am excited to follow along and hear more about your family. Maybe we can catch up soon. I'll try to send you something through facebook.