Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What do you do with a blog, anyway?

Ok, I'm going to finally get with the program and start a blog. I guess people just talk about randomness on their blogs, so here's mine for today...

Caleb will turn 3 on Saturday. Hard to believe that just 3 years ago I was kidless. A former life.

Poor Caleb was up almost all night on Sunday with an ear infection. He's been very healthy since about 18 months (just chronic hayfever/allergies), but he's had 2 ear infections now in one month. He probably didn't heal properly after the first round of antibiotics, and infection set in again. He's back on a stronger dose of Augmentin.

He's pathetically cute when he's sick. He gets really clingy and cuddly. Normally, he isn't still long enough to really want to cuddle anymore, but when he's sick all he wants to do is be held. So I got to hold him through Sunday night when he came to our room and kicked Scott to the couch. ;)

Isaac is absolutely precious at this stage. He stood for about 30 seconds yesterday, then took 2 steps to me. Not even 10 months old.

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