Wednesday, November 26, 2008

New Neighbors

I think we have new neighbors. The "for sale" sign is down, and lights are on in the house.

So, what's the modern-day etiquette for welcoming people to the neighborhood? When I saw the lights on, I had an image of me wearing an apron, carrying over a freshly baked apple pie with steam still rising from it, knocking on the door and introducing myself.

How 1950's. This is the new millenium. We don't care who our neighbors are, as long as they leave us alone to live in our own little bubbles.


some chick said...

do it! do it! take them bread and salt. go old school. they'll love it. at least i would if a neighbor did that. i'd be so amazed, i'd love them forever.

kristen rudd

Morale said...

Jacob and I talk about this all the time. About how when we were kids, everyone knew everyone on the street. I think it would be nice to give them something. At least they would know one person on your street if they needed milk, or a phone for an emergency.

Tiffany Taylor said...

I have totally been convicted about this. I will come out of my bubble and introduce myself! Of course, now we find out that the people who bought the house are just trying to lease it, so we'll wait and introduce ourselves when someone really does move in! :)

Mandy and Jack said...

It's a bit late now, but I just read this post and really love that you're thinking that!! When the Seiberts (Aubree's family) moved in (about 10 years ago - I was 12!), we took them brownies and introduced ourselves (and they live about 5 houses away) and now they're some of our very best friends.

We're REALLY close with our neighbors, so every time somebody moves in we all bring them something.

If they still haven't moved in, consider bringing toilet paper when they do!! I know that sounds weird, but that's THE most important thing to have out right away amongst all the boxes!

We also got together and made a list of all our favorite places in Allen (things like restaurants, coffee places, dry cleaners, florists, tailors, etc.) - preferably non-chains - so they'd know the good places to go for everything right away. We had fun doing that one.

My neighbors threw me my bridal shower, some of them were flower girls, another one sang at the wedding, and another was a bridesmaid. I'd say that kind of friendship is worth coming out of the bubble!! :)

Tiffany Taylor said...

I know, I must have been in a bad mood when I wrote this entry! The new neighbors did move in a few days ago, and I was happy that we actually caught them outside and were able to say "hi." I am still completely awkward at these sorts of exchanges. This is where kids come in handy! Caleb just started chattering away about all sorts of stuff.

I ended up telling the lady who moved in that I'm home during the day if she ever needed anything, and we made a little small talk. She said she liked the kids' names (Caleb and Isaac), which is usually code for "I'm a Christian, too." :)

I love the idea of putting together a list of "favorites" in the area! It's a good way to introduce them to the church, too. I think I'll try to do that, and maybe bake something for her.