Monday, November 30, 2009

Caleb's Preschool Thanksgiving Party

We went up to Caleb's school last week for his class Thanksgiving party. His teachers are SO creative and craftsy, it is unbelievable. Caleb comes home every week with some incredibly imaginative art project. For this party, the teachers had things set up for the kids to make turkeys...out of apples, marshmallows, and raisins. Who'd a thunk it?

Here is Scott helping Caleb with his "turkey."

Here's the finished product. I thought we had a better picture of it, but evidently the only one we got was one that Caleb took while Scott was teaching him how to use the camera. :)

That poor turkey lost his left eye shortly after this picture was taken. Little brother got hungry for that raisin, I suppose!

Here is Caleb eating...very little. Most of the food on his plate went untouched.

Isaac ended up sitting up at the table with the "big" kids and joining right in at the meal!

When we left the church (that's where Caleb's school is), Isaac started running in the little courtyard out front and was having such a good time that I decided to snap a few pictures.


Mandy and Jack said...

Issac is getting SO BIG!

lucylucia said...

Oh they are just too cute!! I remember all those Thanksgiving lunches in the cafeteria in elementary school! That and the Indian vests made out of paper bags from Albertsons! :)

evelyn said...

Oh, goodness, how our little boys are growing up! I'm SO anxious to see them again soon!~ You're so blessed to be able to have Caleb in a school setting such as this; something that cannot be in smaller areas.