Thursday, December 18, 2008

Is the church still there?

This morning on our way to preschool (which Caleb attends at our church), it was incredibly foggy. Not just one of those "Hey, I can't see the skyline anymore" kind of fogs, but the "Hey, I can't see the end of the block" kind of fogs. We couldn't even see the church building until we were halfway into the parking lot.

When we were almost there, I asked Caleb, "We can't see the church. Is it still there?" He wasn't so sure. He just kept watching out the window, and I think he was getting a little worried that somehow the church really had disappeared.

When the church "appeared," he was excited. "There it is, Mommy!" I told him that the church had been there the whole time; we just couldn't see it.

"Can you see God, Caleb? Even though you can't see Him, He's still there, too."

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